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RAF is derived from an Arabic term (رحمة الإنسان فضيلة) RAHMAT AL-INSAAN FADHILA which means compassion and mercy. It reflects upon our objective to integrate the values of love, compassion and mercy into modern learning, science and technology, in order to facilitate human development. 

RAF International University (RIU)  founded by Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Osman, was based on the ideology that he could create an education alternative for marginalised communities by giving them the opportunity to get affordable world class education and facilities. His focus on creating positive attitudes, using local resources and encouraging community-led change has driven much of  his work.

The objective of RAF International University (RIU) is to provide quality education to everyone; enabling the acquisition of academic skills, innovation and capabilities appropriate for contributing to the service of humanity.

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Student Scholarships

The goal of RIU is to help students succeed in life and to become community leaders. Moreover RIU is committed to developing and sharing its vision, programs and resources with the local neighbourhood and with the broader educational community.

RIU is for those seeking an education that gives them the ability to achieve their professional aspirations and ambitions in addition to being exemplary citizens. During and after their studies, students should be able to actively and positively participate in their communities, home countries and the whole of humanity.

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Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

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